Lithovit Science

100% Natural and Chemical Free


About our product


We are pleased to offer you a natural fertilizer that enhances the growth of plant without using chemicals such as urea, ammonium-phosphate, -nitrate, -sulphate, etc. which are harmful to humans, animals and environment. This fertilizer is suitable in Bio-Cultivation of different crops. 

Lithovit enables plants to enhance their growth in a natural way by enhancing the natural photosynthesis of the plants.  Lithovit supplies plants with carbon dioxide (CO2) in a much higher concentrations than that in the atmosphere, where it exists at the concentration of 0.04%.   This is done by supplying CO2 to the plants from inside the leaves.

The natural material containing enough CO2 is limestone (mainly Calcium Carbonate beside about 5% Magnesium Carbonate and some minor elements important for plant physiology). By grinding limestone in down to particle size <10 micrometer, we obtain Lithovit®, a very fine powder, whose particles are highly activated by means of the tribodynamic process. 

By spraying a 0.5% water based solution of Lithovit® on the plant leaves, particles penetrate through the stomata (breathing holes) of the leaves into the intercellular compartments and set there CO2 free. In this way photosynthesis takes place at optimum enabling the plants to grow with higher degree and obtaining higher yield.

No chemicals! No residues harmful to human, animal or environment! No disturbance of the climate!

Excellent results have been already obtained using Lithovit® in Europe, Middle East, India, South and North America in growing different vegetables, potatoes, the various fruits, sugarcane, olives, grapes, garden vegetables, and traditional crops (wheat, barley, maize, rice, etc.). Lithovit® is recommended by the European Community for Bio-Cultivation.